Alan Hawkins

Alan Hawkins

Head of Character Animation

Alan Hawkins is the Head of Character Animation at Sony Pictures Imageworks, most recently completing work as an animation supervisor on the Academy Award-nominated animated features SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE and THE MITCHELLS VS THE MACHINES.

In the past he also served as an animation supervisor on Sony Pictures Animation’s HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3: SUMMER VACATION,  SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE, and HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2.

Hawkins previously served as animation supervisor on the POPEYE animation test and as a lead animator on CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 and ARTHUR CHRISTMAS.

His other credits include the Academy Award®-nominated SURF'S UP, Robert Zemeckis' BEOWULF and the original HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA. Alan joined Sony Pictures Imageworks in 2004 to work on Sony Pictures Animation's first feature film, OPEN SEASON.

Hawkins is a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, and grew up in Littleton, Colorado.

Name your three favorite movies:

What is your proudest achievement while working at Imageworks?
Each project has its own special achievement, so it’s hard to select one.

What inspired you to becoming involved in making movies? 
Video games, arcades and Saturday morning cartoons.