Software Engineer - API Engineer (Scala)

Job Summary:
The Infrastructure Software Engineer will be responsible for building and maintaining large asset and file management systems. These systems comprise of various tools and APIs associated with querying and populating data, both for server side applications and user facing scripts. These systems have to manage a very large volume of data and need to be built for maximum robustness, performance, and scalability. During peak production at our facility, there will be thousands of nodes accessing our data infrastructure concurrently.

Required skills:

  • Expert knowledge and experience developing and debugging Java, Scala, Python, and C++
  • At least two years of full time professional experience with Scala
  • Experience with client/server database-oriented applications and API design
  • Familiarity with reactive style programming, futures, or actors a plus
  • Degree in Computer Science or similar education is preferred
  • Experience working with Linux operating systems
  • Desire to learn new skills and technologies


  • Spring, ZeroC Ice, SWIG, Subversion API, APR, Tomcat, sbt, git, NetBackup, Cassandra, PyQt

Job responsibilities:

  • Design, develop and maintain core backend software components
  • Develop software components with Oracle database on the backend
  • Migrate traditional database applications to Cassandra
  • Conduct Design discussions, code reviews and quality analysis
  • Analyze and improve efficiency, scalability, and stability of the various system components
  • Resolve complex issues with a fast turnaround
  • Maintain and support your tools, including after hours support
  • Interface with other teams to incorporate their ideas and requirements and vice-versa
  • Work on team and/or individual projects

If interested please submit a cover letter and resume to: