Assistant Technical Director (ATD)

Job Description
Reporting to the VFX and CG Supervisors, an Assistant Technical Director (ATD) will be involved in the creation and ongoing support of a large high-end visual effects pipeline and asset/project management system, as well as application tools and utilities. This a service-oriented role, working between productions and development, and the ATD should have a helpful, patient and accommodating personality.


  • Develop and maintain scripts, tools and utilities for 3D and 2D artists.
  • Work in and understand the SPI's proprietary pipeline
  • Create, package, document and release tools for production use
  • Help author production specific training materials for new hires
  • Assist artists with technical issues anywhere in the production pipeline.
  • Assist teams to optimize and reduce render times for various render passes
  • Coordinate with the Render Efficiency Team to distribute and implement optimizations in production.
  • Work as “triage” from time-to-time, acting as the point person for any and all production-related queries to the pipeline department.
  • Identify workflow inefficiencies and work with artists and other pipeline teams to build scripts, tools and/or systems to improve these inefficiencies


  • Strong interest in Film, Lighting and/or Compositing a plus
  • Good Knowledge of at least one or more of the following 2D/3D software packages such as Maya, Katana, Houdini, Clarisse, and Nuke
  • Programming experience, preferably in Python, Lua, C++.
  • Excellent problem-solving and interpersonal skills
  • Bash/cshell/Linux knowledge
  • Experience in code-sharing, revision control a plus
  • Experience with Arnold or any other ray tracing-based renderers such as Vray, Mantra, Renderman or Mental Ray.
  • Some experience writing shaders is a plus
  • Some basic knowledge or experience as a 3D or 2D artist a plus
  • Undergraduate or Graduate degree in Computing Science a plus

To Apply: Please submit a resume and reel to for consideration.