Kingsman: The Golden Circle


After Charlie loses his first mechanical arm, Poppy fits him with a new “super” arm they call “Arm-Egeddon”. Imageworks artists built the arm keeping in mind all the tricks it need to keep literally “up its sleeve”.  Charlie could fire the hand out on a carbon fibre wire to retrieve things from far away and it allowed more complex fight moves, with joints that could spin 360 degrees. As we see when he first tries it on, it didn’t help his bowling.

image 23



Poppy’s lair was surrounded by jungle. Imageworks’ dev team built a tool called “Sprout” to help create realistically complex environments and the Kingsman jungle was its first task. Appearing in nearly all shots during the end fight, the jungle had to help create the look and feel of the tropical location.


"With Sprout we were able to create complex environments with the flick of a brush. From acres of dense jungle, to the tiny mosses and vices that hang of individual branches, Sprout has the finesse to manage everything."

-Mark Breakspear VFX Supervisor




Beauty Bot

Beauty Bot is both devastatingly dangerous and devastatingly beautiful (if you’re in to robots that is.) She runs the Salon where new recruits go to be given their “mark” a molten gold circle injected into the skin with a tattoo gun. She also lasers off your finger prints and files down your teeth. Just Lovely.

beauty bot



Robot Dogs

Poppy’s main form of protection are her robot dogs, “Bennie” and “Jet”. Imageworks crafted the look and feel of these creatures from extensive studies of dog behavior. They are programmed to attack on Poppy’s command and ultimately meet their demise when one comes face to face with a bowling ball and the other a vat of molten gold. It’s a dog’s life after all.

robot dogs



Exploding Mansion

Early on, Poppy enacts her plan to wipe of the Kingsman organization. She fires a low yield nuclear missile in to the stately headquarters of the Kingsman underground base. The missile basically implodes the entire area, creating a huge collapse of the mansion in to a giant chasm. Our FX teams created huge simulations of collapsing buildings, rock, earth, trees and debris, as well as explosions, fire, shattering glass and shockwaves.

Exploding Mansion