Danny Dimian

Danny Dimian

VFX Supervisor

Danny Dimian is a visual effects supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks, most recently supervising the Academy Award®-winning SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE for Sony Pictures Animation.

Previously, Dimian supervised THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE for Rovio Entertainment. He also served as CG supervisor on Disney's OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA and CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, where he was responsible for the look development, rendering, color pipeline, and the sequence supervision of lighting and compositing.

While at Imageworks, Dimian also worked in various capacities on numerous Academy Award® nominated films including: SURF'S UP (CG supervisor), MONSTER HOUSE (shader writer), for which he helped write the first Imageworks shaders for Arnold, THE POLAR EXPRESS (lead shader writer), SPIDER-MAN™ (shader writer), STUART LITTLE 2 (lighter) and HOLLOW MAN (shader writer).

Dimian is a graduate of the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Name your three favorite movies:

What is your proudest achievement while working at Imageworks? 
There are a couple of achievements that bookend my time at Imageworks so far. The first is from HOLLOWMAN, the film that brought me to Imageworks. I was a part of the team writing new volume renderers and shaders for the transformation sequences, in which the main character transforms from a physical state to invisible (and back). At that time, there was no commercially available software that could achieve these lofty creative goals. Pushing what was creatively and technically possible was what brought be to Imageworks. I'm also proud of the work we are currently doing on the first full length animated Spider-Man film. We've been tasked with creating a new and unique visual language inspired by both illustration and comic book printing techniques. As a VFX supervisor, it's both satisfying and a rare opportunity to be given this kind of creative freedom.

What inspired you to become involved in making movies?
While working on a bachelor of science degree at the University of Calgary I saw Pixar's short film LUXO JR. and that pretty much changed my direction. At that time, I was also taking as many art and film classes as I could and I was not sure that computer science was really where my heart was. After seeing that computers could be used in such a creative way I decided that computer graphics would be a part of film making from that point on.