Sandra Balej

Sandra Balej

Compositing Supervisor

Sandra Balej is a Compositing Supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks. She joined Imageworks in 2018 to lead a team of 18 compositors completing 300 shots on the live-action MULAN for Walt Disney Pictures. 

Balej has contributed to more than 20 features and TV productions. Prior to Imageworks, she worked at Method Studios earning credits on: DARK SHADOWS, ELYSIUM, THE MAZE RUNNER, WHITE HOUSE DOWN, THE LEGEND OF TARZAN, DOCTOR STRANGE, THOR: RAGNAROK, ANT-MAN, AND WASP.  

She began her career at Pixomondo, Uncharted Territory, and Exozet Effects.

Born in Germany, Balej completed her VFX education at the Vancouver Film School

Name your three favorite movies: 

What is your proudest achievement while working at Imageworks?
I am still only in the first project at Imageworks but I am very excited and proud of all the work the fantastic crew is creating for MULAN. 

What inspired you to becoming involved in making movies?
It was not the love of effects that got me into this industry but my love for movies in general. As long as I can remember, I have loved to go to the theater to watch a movie on the big screen! We had this amazing old-fashioned theater where I grew up and my parents took me there to watch movies like BABE and CINDERELLA. I still remember how I loved the whole experience, when the lights went out and the curtains opened – yes, they had curtains back then – and I was taken to this other world for few hours. I guess I got addicted.