iCAD Internship Expectations


  • While this is a paid internship, individuals must provide for their own expenses, including housing and transportation.
  • Interns must be eligible to work in Canada for Sony Pictures Imageworks and we will require you to provide supporting documentation that confirms your eligibility for the duration of the internship. Interns that require a visa and/or work permit to work in Canada are responsible for obtaining them at their own expense. Programs vary by country, please refer to the applicable government website, or work with an immigration advisor to confirm what programs/permits may be available. Please also not that Sony Pictures Imageworks is unable to sponsor Labour Market Impact Assessment (“LMIA”) for intern level positions.
  • Able to demonstrste proficiency in computer animation, digital arts, computer science or related field.
  • Submission must solely be the work of the applicant.
  • NO TELEPHONE CALLS PLEASE. All inquiries and questions should be directed to: icad-internships@imageworks.com


  • Summer internships are a full-time (40 hours/week) commitment of 8 weeks on-site at Imageworks.
  • These are paid internships.
  • iCAD Interns are responsible for their own housing and transportation.
  • Interns are welcomed into the facility and provided with: access to the facility, given a login, workspace, email account and phone. Interns will be provided with a computer workstation and access to all production tools and software.
  • A real-time, hands-on experience in a professional level in-house training program.
  • An opportunity to interact with Imageworks professionals at all levels and from diverse disciplines within the company.
  • First-hand experience of the production pipeline and processes of digital animation and effects for live action, CG features, performance capture and/or stereoscopic productions.
  • We strive to match the interests of the intern with the activities in the studio and structure an appropriate internship for each individual.
  • Every effort will be made to answer questions from our Interns and help them to pursue their goals. With the understanding that we are in production, Imageworks is eager to maximize the iCAD Internship experience.


  • Interns must understand the Imageworks is a fully-engaged feature production facility.
  • Imageworks is engaged in the creation of digital assets for live action and feature animations.INTERNS SHOULD BE FAMILIAR WITH COMPUTERS, OPERATING SYSTEMS, NETWORKS, AND CONCEPTS OF 3D GRAPHICS.
  • Interns are required to complete the Imageworks in-house computer training coursework using proprietary production software, tools, and methods used in production.
  • Interns should be flexible, open, proactive, and willing to seek out opportunities as they arise.
  • Interns need to be sensitive to the time constraints of employees. All meetings with artists and production staff will be scheduled through the office of the Internship Supervisor upon request.
  • Interns must sign a standard nondisclosure agreement and adhere to all Sony Pictures Entertainment policies.
  • Interns will have to sign the iCAD Agreement of Expectations.

The hosts for the iCAD Internships are the iCAD Chair and the iCAD Steering Committee as well as various shows and departments.